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In this globalisation where company has issue how produce profitability and catering to changing need of customer become challenges Lean manufacturing gives you the flexibility to manufacture the products according to the needs and demand of the customer divide a company profit ki produced as customer is not willing to pay more prices on the contrary

Lean manufacturing or lean production as per definition lean is a systematic method of elimination of waste within a manufacturing system clean also takes into account which created through overburden and was created true unevenness workload. though management is a concept related to manufacturing sector it is applicable to Other industries as well.

Commander stated advantages of Leena improve quality increase efficiency by eliminating waste and reducing cost these all positive impacts improve the performance of the organisation some of the benefits observed during implications of as below

Reduced cost reduced cost by reducing cycle time increase letter productivity reducing machine downtime increase output from existing facility and eliminating the bottlenecks
Reduce lead time Lipton to manufacture and lead time reduced with effect of reduce cycle time and work in progress inventory
Waste reduction all form of waste that is defect or productions waiting non value added activities transportation inventory motion and excess use of talent identifications and reduction is time functions of Lean manufacturing implementation plan
Improved productivity improve productivity by improving labour productivity by reducing ideal time and ensuring that labor are not doing unnecessary task or motions
Reducing work in progress deduction of work in progress between production state is known as inventory at all state of production
Reduce defects by quality improvement elimination of various errors and unnecessary physical waste including excess use of raw material inputs prevent defects and costs associated with repsiring
Reducing waiting time between process stage as well as process preparation time.
Improve flexibility by reducing change over time and minimum changeover cost improve the flexibility to produce more range of products
Multi scale people competencies of worker increase the manufacturing mean in hindi understanding of process machine and material flow implications of lean tools with involvement of people
Better utilization of space and equipment by eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing the rate of production with existing equipment with minimizing machine down time
Benefits of Lean Manufacturing
Over Production
Producing Items for which there are no orders, which generates such wastes as overstaffing and storage and transportation costs because of excess inventory.

Workers merely serving to watch an automated machine or having to stand around waiting for the next process step,tool,supply,parts,etc., or just plain having no work because of stock outs,lot processing delays,equipment downtime, and capacity bottlenecks.

Unnecessary transport or conveyance
Carrying work in process long distances,creating inefficient transport,or moving materials,parts,or finished goods into or out of storage or between processes.

Over processing or incorrect processing
Taking unneeded steps to process the parts. Inefficiently processing due to poor tool and product design,causing unnecessary motion and producing defects. Waste is generated when providing higher-quality products than necessary.

Excess inventory
Excess raw material, WIP, or finished goods causing longer lead time,obsolescence,damaged goods,transportation and storage costs and delay. Also, extra inventory hides problems such as production imbalances,late deliveries from suppliers,defects,equipment downtime and long setup time.

Unnecessary moment
Any wasted motion employees have to perform during the course of their work, such as looking for, researching for, or stacking parts,tools etc. Also,walking is waste.

Production of defective parts or corrections. Repair or rework,scrap,replacement production,and inspection mean wasteful handling time,and efforts.

Unused employee creativity
Losing time,ideas,skills,improvements,and learning opportunities by not engaging or listening to your employees.



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